The candidates answered a survey about the importance of the arts.

Randy Grein Conrad Lee
Please rate your interest in the arts Somewhat interested Very interested
What arts activities have you and/or your family attended, participated in, or supported during the past year? Check all that apply.
Music music music
Theater theater theater
Broadway Shows
Dance dance
Film film
Creative Writing
Photography photography
Folk Arts folk arts folk arts
Did you or your children participate in any of the above “arts” activities while in school? yes yes
Are you a season subscriber or a member at any local arts organizations? no no
Please give the top three reasons the arts important to you, your family, and/or your community.
Provide entertainment 3
Encourage creativity 2 2
Create a sense of community
Advance understanding 3 1
Support civic engagement
Promote cultural heritage
Draw tourism
Attract a high quality workforce
Drive economic development
Complete a well-rounded education 1
How familiar are you with the Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA) and its programs? Limited knowledge Limited knowledge
The arts create jobs and produce tax revenue, stimulate business activity, attract tourism revenue, and help businesses attract and retain a quality work force. Agree Agree
The arts are an appropriate concern of state government and should be publicly funded. Strongly agree Agree
Public art improves and enhances public spaces and should be publicly funded. Strongly agree Agree
Basic education funding must include sufficient and equitable resources for all core subjects, including the arts. Strongly agree Agree
The benefits of arts education should be equitably provided to all Washington students. Strongly agree Agree
Can you describe an instance in which you’ve observed an impact of arts learning? Oh, I’d say my best friend in high school. His talent showed in high school, so much that he pursued art school post high school, and became the youngest illustrator Boeing ever had. He is retired now and has picked up paintbrush again. His work is, to my unskilled eye breathtaking. I expect this to become a second career (fourth career) for him. How children can be connected through sharing same arts activities.